Relaxation of social capital in China to allow foreign capital to enter the organized medical institutions

According to documents released by the General Office of the State Council, China will relax organized access to medical institutions, social capital and further improve the social capital held by the medical institutions of the practice environment, and promote the sustained and healthy development of non-public medical institutions, in order to increase the health resources of the whole society , to alleviate medical treatment is difficult to meet the people at multiple levels, a wide range of medical services needs.
Electricity and water and public medical institutions the same price
Jointly developed by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, Human Resources and Social Security Ministry to further encourage and guide social capital organized medical institutions "clearly states: to encourage and support social capital held all kinds medical institutions, adjustment and additional health resources give priority to social capital, reasonable assurance as to the scope of practice of non-public medical institutions, to encourage social capital to participate in the restructuring of public hospitals, medical institutions allow foreign capital to hold, to simplify and standardize approval procedures for foreign organized medicine.
To further improve the social capital held by the medical institutions of the practice environment, "views" provisions of social capital organized by the non-profit medical institutions by the state to enjoy preferential tax policies, electricity, water, gas, with hot and public medical institutions, the same price provide medical services and medicines to the implementation of the price policy of the government regulations. Profit medical institutions by the state corporate income tax, the medical services provided by the implementation of independent pricing, exempt from sales tax.
In addition, the "Opinions" qualified non-public medical institutions into the the Medicare designated range, optimizing the employment environment of non-public medical institutions, the external academic environment to improve the non-public medical institutions.
According to the "opinion" on this full-text of about 4700 words, non-public medical institutions and medical personnel in accordance with the law signed a labor contract, in accordance with the provisions of the State social insurance; encourage medical staff in the rational flow of public and non-public medical institutions, the relevant units and departments should practice change in accordance with the relevant regulations, personnel and labor relations convergence transfer of social security, file adapter and other formalities; medical personnel assessed in academic status, titles, vocational skills appraisal, professional and technical and vocational skills training and other aspects of independent work units change impact.
Support for non-public medical institutions to configure large equipment
"Opinions" also provides non-public medical institutions in the technical title appraisal, tendering and results of research projects identified clinical construction of key disciplines, clinical teaching base of medical schools and residency standardized training base eligibility determination enjoy equal treatment and public medical institutions . The medical class industry associations, academic organizations and the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations Committee equality to absorb non-public medical institutions to participate, to ensure that the proportion of non-public medical institutions occupy its position in the health care system in the adaptation, to protect non-public medical institutions, medical personnel are entitled to assume opportunities for leadership positions in its academic standards and professional ability.
According to the "opinions", the government-backed non-public medical institutions to configure large equipment, encourage the government to purchase the services provided by the non-public medical institutions, organized by the non-profit medical institutions of social capital are encouraged to make a donation, to improve the land policy of non-public medical institutions.
Office of the State Council called on all localities to pay close attention to the cleanup and modifications involve access to non-public medical institutions, practitioners, regulatory and other aspects of the document, combined with the actual formulation and perfect to encourage and guide social capital to organize the implementation details of the medical institutions and supporting documents, to eliminate obstacles to the non-public medical institutions development policy barriers, and promote the sustained and healthy development of non-public medical institutions.
Guanghua School of Management, Peking University economics professor Gordon Liu, "views", will have a positive role to mobilize social resources to set up a private medical institutions, strengthen the supply capacity of the National Health Service, to improve the quality of medical services to ease the problem of medical treatment is difficult. (Xinhua News Agency)

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