Medical equipment, exercise monopoly "expensive" is no longer a problem

August 9, twenty-eighth Shenyang International Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition held in Shenyang Science Palace at the show, the same domestic hospital beds, the traditional price of more than 900 yuan, the automatic is more than 90,000 yuan, compared with fully automatic 100 times more expensive. Medical equipment high cost of a direct result of the "expensive", "expensive" in order to solve, and Liaoning have begun to implement centralized procurement of medical equipment. The experts suggested that medical devices should be implemented in order to radically change this situation, the monopoly system, banned various layers increases agents.
Hospital beds ranging from 900 up to 90,000 yuan
Current exhibition exhibited a total of 56 one thousand kinds of medical equipment, but most belong to a general medical equipment, medical devices, surgical supplies and other common multi-test, analysis.
The beds in the exhibition on display at a medical devices filled with a wide range of beds, one in front of the booth. Looks from the shape of the beds in the hospital bed only divided into can be folded and not foldable, but the price is a lot of difference.
Hebei Province, a medical device company sales manager new introduction, the company is the largest production company of beds, hospital beds on display from more than 900 yuan to 30,000 dollars, in addition to the most expensive bed not brought to the scene, the price of more than 90,000 yuan. The "most expensive bed is a fully automatic hospital bed, it can be transferred into a seat, and also comes with a dining table, material and functionality than traditional beds to be advanced, of course, the price is also a lot of difference. "Wang brand new introduction.
The instrument high cost caused "expensive"
The rising price of medical equipment directly led to an increase in the cost of hospital, this pressure can only be "passed on" to the patient.
It is understood that the top three hospitals in Shenyang basically uses a fully automated X-ray photography system for a different part of the cost of testing is generally more than 100 yuan to several hundred dollars, and this traditional instrument monitoring costs only a few ten dollars.
This pressure "transfer" is more prominent in large medical equipment, and carefully an account balance will be found, the cost of medical devices used in the patient's treatment costs often account for a large proportion.
A Shenyang City, a hospital superintendent: purchase a MRI machine imports cost 14 million to 17 million yuan, and life in general for about six years. Hospitals allocated to about 200 million annually in cost, coupled with the high cost of medical supplies, warranty, staff salaries and other expenses, and increased costs. These imported diagnostic equipment is essential for the top three hospitals in the medical devices.
Surgery, also there is a "transfer" of this kind of pressure. For example, a 5 million coronary intervention, stent implanted and various auxiliary equipment accounted for 84% of the cost of treatment.

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