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New medical equipment output value of 200 billion yuan of foreign capital overweight Chinese market



New medical equipment output value of 200 billion yuan of foreign capital overweight Chinese market

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2012/08/15 00:00
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Insiders said that several ministries led by the Ministry of Industry, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology are working together to study and formulate policies and me

Insiders said that several ministries led by the Ministry of Industry, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology are working together to study and formulate policies and measures to speed up the development of the medical devices industry, to jointly develop "industrial revitalization and transformation of special, special support fund as a whole 15 billion, which is clearly to promote the field of medical devices industrialization of new products and new technology applications, including master core components and key technologies, medical equipment and other key support target.
The overweight Chinese market with foreign
Following last month, the German Medical Devices enterprise Carl Shituo company spent 600 million yuan to establish a comprehensive base in Shanghai, Shanghai ushered in a huge investment for a medical device company.
Ke Hui, the world's fourth largest medical device companies, announced on August 2, spend $ 45 million medical R & D Center was officially put into use, and focus on the development of customized products for China and other emerging market demand, and explore breakthrough medical technology platform.
"By maintaining close cooperation with local medical experts Ke Hui, we constantly adjust product design to meet the needs of emerging markets in China and the Asia-Pacific. "Dr. Wu Dong, vice president of Ke Hui medical R & D center elaboration.
Medical device companies have increased their investment chips close gongs layout of the Chinese market. Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson is also generous acquisition, integrated business structure, tilted toward the medical equipment. In June, shortly before the Johnson & Johnson $ 21,300,000,000 heavily "swallow" under Swiss medical equipment services company Xindi Si (Synthes); previously included in its turn Guangzhou-fold embroidered Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which is its first acquisition of the medical industry in China.
However, not only the traditional medical device industry to increase the layout of other industries and enterprises also began to "test the water" of medical devices. Not long ago, the color TV industry, TCL announced a joint venture with the awe-inspiring capital's World Hong Yung Medical Group TCL Medical Group, the business mainly comprises the production and sales of the series of high-quality X-ray, ultrasound equipment, DSA, CT, MRI and other medical diagnostic imaging products, becoming Siemens, Fuji Film and a field of 3C enterprises turned to encroach on the field of medical devices.
Policy or broaden the space for development of the industry
Forum held shortly before the Shanghai World Conference of bulk drugs, pharmaceutical Office of the Ministry of Consumer Goods Industry Wang Xuegong revealed, 2012, the National Development and Reform Commission has set up three special to support the transformation and upgrading of the pharmaceutical industry, including industry revitalization and transformation of special "move the focus of the last stage of industrial development as the relevant departments of the State to support special one expects introduced during the year. The entire special funds to support $ 15 billion, which is clearly to promote the field of medical devices industrialization of new products and new technology applications, including master core components and key technologies, medical equipment and other key support target.
"China's medical market is the rapid development of a specific Program for the Development of the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology and the Ministry of Health has introduced this year, the medical device industry will usher in a new development spring. "Said the deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce Wang Xinpei.
Investment adviser in the pharmaceutical industry researcher Guo Li said, from a policy-oriented view, in the medical device industry in the second half of the year, the county public hospital reform, social capital do the medical clinics instrument will replacement.
In early June of this year, the Ministry of Science and Technology Center for Biotechnology Development of drugs and medical devices at Hua Yutao Director pointed out: "large medical equipment manufacturing enterprises in China, but the overall size is small, homogeneous competition. The high-end medical equipment market multinationals occupied. Imported products mainly export products to high-end to low-end products. "
"However, China's medical device market in the world accounts for less than 3% of the share due to the lack of professional talent in the field of high-end diagnostic equipment industry, unable to grasp the core technology, resulting in the lack of competitiveness of basic equipment and technical training depends imports. Guo Li said.
The Qing dynasties Statistics show that the basic structure of the medical device market in China in 2010: high-end products accounted for 25% compared to 75% in low-end products. While the average in the international medical device market: the share of high-end products is generally 55%, 45% of the low-end products. Our existing medical device industry, including 14,000 manufacturing enterprises, 40,000 more than the dealer, the annual market capacity exceeded 300 billion yuan.
Guo Li said, and medical devices in China in recent years, the rapid development of the 2011 industry average growth rate of around 25%, well above the level of the same period the average growth of the national economy, while the same period in the global medical devices industry average growth rate of about 7%.
"Expected" during the 12th Five-Year "pulling the output value of 200 billion yuan of new medical devices, the formation of 8-10 more than 5 billion yuan in output value of large medical equipment industry group. Guo Li said in an interview, the tendency of government policy and funding will give the medical device industry to bring security and source of power, on the one hand, the upgrading of the original medical equipment, on the one hand, to increase research and development of new medical devices, so that enhance capability of independent innovation of medical devices in China, to accelerate a number of key common technology breakthrough, reversing the situation of the whole field of monopoly by foreign companies.