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Jiangyin Feiyang Instrument Co., Ltd.    苏ICP备12029443号-1

Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp Room Sterilizer (model:FYTS-36H with sensor)



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Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp Room Sterilizer (model:FYTS-36H with sensor)

PHIYANG UV Room sterilizer FYTS-36H with sensor,has one 36 watts UV lamps that emit a high intensity ultraviolet light that hits every surface in the room and kills any micro organisms or pathogen
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Product description
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Desktop UV Disinfection Lamp

(Model No.:FYTS-36HB)

Products Description:

FYTS-36HB, has two pieces of 36 watts UV Lamps that Emit a High Intensity Ultraviolet Light that hits every surface in the room and kills any Microorganisms or Pathogen including MRSA, hand foot mouth disease, Colds & Flu, Pneumonia, Molds, E. coli, Salmonella, and similar type of Bacteria.

The light penetrates and destroys the actual DNA of Microorganisms. There is no known Microorganism that is Immune to UV-C energy.

UV disinfection lamp disinfects approximately up to 15-20 square meters room area. There are numerous safety features built-in with 15/30/60/90min timer.

UV disinfection lamp has numerous applications not just for hospitals but can be used in schools, play areas, hotels, clinics, homes, cinemas, buildings, food manufacturing companies and offices.

It quickly and effectively provides disinfection to all surfaces and air within minutes.

UV disinfection trolley is laboratory tested, used by hospitals, and recommended by the doctors.

Specification Data:

This product is made of ABS, the technical parameters are:

UV lamp power


UV lamp wave length

UVC 253.7nm

Sterilizing effective time

15,30,60,90min per time

UVC lamp average lifetime


Remote control


Power supply

220V or 110v 50/60HZ


1.Ultraviolet Disinfection - High purity quartz UV Lamp capable of thorough sterilization and purification.

2.Remote Control -wireless control through the wall  

3.User friendliness - UV table lamp 15,30,60,90minute control modes can be easily operated by all users.

4.Delayed start up - By delaying 10 seconds before start up, the lamp effectively guarantees the safety of others.


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The enterprise has now cultivated a managing team with advanced ability and a large group of professional interdisciplinary talents, and has been equipped with professional producing equipments. As a manufacturer of sterilizing equipments, Feiyang holds the managing concept of IE3eiyang shares with the worldC1 meaning persistent innovation to share the advanced technology with the world and endless improvement to share excellent products with the world. 

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