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FYKX-Y800 HEPA UV Sterilization Room Air Purifier



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FYKX-Y800 HEPA UV Sterilization Room Air Purifier

The UV air sterilization purifier is mainly composed of shell, UV lamp, anion device,Hepa filter, activated carbon filter, motor fan and control system.
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FYKX-Y800 HEPA UV Sterilization Room Air Purifier

General The UV sterilizer is mainly composed of shell, UV lamp sterilizer, anion device, activated carbon filter, electrostatic adsorption device, fan and control system.

The sterilization principle is to use the UV lamp sterilizer to irradiate the circulatory wind, then utilize the circulatory wind to sterilize and disinfect the dynamic air.

Combining with the activated carbon filter, anion device and electrostatic adsorption device, the sterilizer will continuously sterilize and disinfect the air in the room and keep the air fresh.



Rated voltage:

AC 220V/50Hz

Clean air qty (CADR particle):

750 m³/h

Clean air qty (CADR formaldehyde):

320 m³/h

Formaldehyde removal rate:

90% (60min.)

Max. effective area (parameter):


Input power:


Noise (sound power level 1m):

Noise (sound power level 1m)

Noise (sound power level 1m):

470 * 450 * 630mm

Product weight:

About 13.5kg

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