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FYKX-B600/B800/B1000 Wall Mounted 253.7nm UV Air Sterilizer

概述  紫外线消毒器主要有壳体、紫外线杀菌灯、负离子、活性碳过滤网、静电吸附装置、风机及控制系统组成。其采用循环风通过紫外线杀菌灯照射的杀菌原理,利用循环风连续杀菌对动态环境空气进行消毒杀菌,结合活性碳过滤同、负离子以及静电吸附装置宴现对室内空气的持续消毒灭菌和空气的清新。 消毒灭菌原理适用范围  该消毒器主要用于手术室、ICU、治疗室、病房等空间的空气消毒灭菌,也可用于其他需要空气消毒的空间。 

Dynamic UV Sterilizer (Wall Mounted-type)



Product Description

Dynamic UV sterilizer is mainly composed of shell, UV lamp ,activated carbon filter ,fan and control system.

The sterilization principle is to use the UV lamp sterilizer to irradiate the circulatory wind, then utilize the circulatory wind to sterilize and disinfect the dynamic air. Combining with the activated carbon filter, the sterilizer will continuously sterilize and disinfect the air in the room and keep the air fresh.

The UV lamps emit a high intensity ultraviolet light that hits every surface in the room and kills any micro organisms or pathogen including MRSA,hand foot mouth disease,colds and flu,pneumonia,molds,E.coli.salmonella and similar type


The light penetrates and destroys the actual DNA of micro organisms.There is no known micro organism that is immune to UV-C energy.

UV Sterilizer disinfects approximately up to 60/80/100 cubic meters room area.

There are numerous safety features built with a timer and remote control.

UV Sterilizer has numerous applications not just for hospitals but can be used in schools,play areas,hotels,clinics,homes,cinemas,buildings,food manufacturing companies and offices.

it quickly and effectively provide disinfection of all air within minutes.

UV Sterilizer is laboratory tested ,used by hospitals and recommended by doctors.

Main Function

1.Disinfection effect:Sterilization rate of white staphylococcus >99.9%.

2.Filter,dust-removal and bacterium sterilization:It uses the physical method to filter out the dust and microorganisms from the air,and coordinate with the UV to sterilize the air.It also could effectively prevent the dust from effecting the irradiance of UV tube,the sterilizer uses the removable and replaceable activated carbon filter.

3.High intensity UV sterilization:The UV sterilizing tubes are scientifically composes the high intensity UV irradiation are with a irradiance of over 10000/cm2,driven by the fan, the room air will be flow through UV irradiation area in circulation and then be sterilize in.

4.Good reliability:The sterilizer uses the physical sterilization. During the operation,it will not generate any harmful gas or substance,the high intensity UV light is enclosed in the airway of the sterilizer.the initial generation rate of ozone is less than or equal to 0.05g/kw/h,it will not be harmful to the human or equipment.

5.Easy operation:it is equipped with the functions such as manual timing sterilization,automatic monitoring of pollution source,program controlled.




Model No.

Air Flow

Applicable vol.

Highly effective



Input watts






Wall Mounted type





Disinfection effect Total count of bacteria(cfu/m³)


Outer UV leakage(μw/cm2)


Inner UV radiation intensity(μw/cm2)


Ozone concentration(mg/m³)


Lamp life(h)


Supply Voltage


Noise db(A)



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